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reception greeter
"Dr. Jayani and staff, We
love you all. Thanks for
always being there
for us!"

—Jon, Liz, Jasmine, Tina,
Sophia and Rusty

From San Dimas, Covina, Claremont and beyond we care for your dogs and cats.


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When you visit Arrow Animal Hospital these are the faces who'll be greeting your pet and you.

receptionist, Arrow Animal Hospital
Sandee, Receptionist
"In 1970 I had the pleasure of working for Dr. Lincomb (Arrow Animal Hospital's previous vet) in the small two bedroom house. Since 1998 I have enjoyed greeting our clients and their pets. Our office is committed to the comfort and well being of our patients and their owners.

We are very blessed to have Dr. Patel's knowledge and sensitivity which is shared with each pet.

Dr. Patel continues to make educational seminars and training available to the entire staff. He readily shares his vast experience with all of us.

It is very gratifying for me to know Dr. Patel and my co-workers give the best professional care and concern to all of our clients—using the most current and efficient methods available.

I truly love my job—the pets we consider loved ones and family—the owners who trust in us to give the best possible care for their pets...wagging tails, wet kisses, purring and smiles—make for a wonderful place each day. The rewards are endless."
vet technician, Arrow Animal Hospital
Lynett, Vet Technician

"I have been working with Dr. Patel/Janayi since the day he opened in June of 1986. We started as an animal clinic and then became Arrow Animal Hospital in June of 1992. I graduated the AHT Program at Mt. Sac in 1986 and have been working here as a technician and whatever other position as needed. I love my work, the patients and clients as well as the relationships I've built with our staff, both past and present. I never get bored due to all the challenges brought into our hospital every day.

In my free time I like to spend time with my family and friends. I like to fish, go to movies and play games."

Animal Hospital Manager
Kailash, Office Manager

"I have been working at Arrow Animal Hospital since 1991. I love my job—helping pets and taking care of them, and helping their owners, too.

We take pride in our work at Arrow Animal Hospital.

Since I have been working a long time at Arrow Animal Hospital, you get to know some of the pets from young age, and watch them grow."

vet technician
Arturo, Vet Assistant

"Since the day I first started, Arrow Animal Hospital has continued to show that every pet's health is top priority along with our excellent service provided.

Dr. Patel maintains and keeps the highest standard of pet health care available. In doing so, he had even boosted my motivation to fulfill my dream in becoming a veterinarian.

I'm currently in my second year of college, I still have several more years but I know that I wouldn't mind waking up every day knowing that my job is to help save the lives of our loved pets."

Grooming Services
Deborah, Groomer

"I have been working for Arrow Animal Hospital since August of 2010. I like working here because I get to groom many different breeds of dogs, and because of this I'm able to improve my techniques. I enjoy taking my two Miniature Pinschers: Pipsqueak who is 9 years old, and Billy Bob who is 7 years old to the local dog parks. I also have a 10 year old Ragdoll named Dutches, who particularly doesn't care for my profession, but I still love her anyways!"

Grooming Services
Lorie, Groomer

"I've been a groomer for seven years. Working here definitely creates opportunities to encounter new and different experiences. It is never boring here, working here always ensures me of an eventful day.

Some people might like fashion, but animals are my passion."

Veterinarian Assistant
Eowyn, Pet Care Giver

"I've worked at Arrow Animal Hospital for almost six years. I care for the boarding animals on the weekends and most holidays, when the rest of the hospital is closed.

The nicest part of my job is getting to meet so many cats and dogs of varied breeds and backgrounds. I've gotten to know many of our return boarders very well: I know them by name, how they look, what they eat, what their tastes and habits are, where they like to be stroked or scratched, and the particularities of their personalities.

When I care for the animals I try to make sure they are as comfortable and happy as my dogs at home. There are so many wonderful, lovely dogs and cats in the world, and I feel grateful that I get to work with such a gathering of good and kind ones every weekend."

vet assistant
Bianca, Vet Assistant

"I have always enjoyed animals and have many of my own. I first started off as a bather at Petco for 2 years.

Once I had an opportunity to work for my own vet’s office I took it. I have been here for almost a year and I love it. I work all over the office, such as grooming and taking care of our boarders. Also I assist the doctor in the rooms.

I enjoy working here with the great staff and awesome patients."

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